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UPDATED: 08.08.08

Again, it has been awhile since i've written on my website. I've gone through so much in the past three years that I really haven't had time to write here or in my blog. Life has moved so fast. I can't believe Keira is almost 3 and Mya is almost 4! They're growing up so fast and I am extremely proud of them. I call Mya my little helper and Keira my little buttercup. They are my life and feel so blessed to see their cute little faces every day.

My life has taken some turns. I am now divorced and starting a new life with a newfound hope in the future. It wasn't easy but when you feel you have nothing left to lose, you find the strength you need to make a change. Listen to your gut and don't ever ignore your heart.

Anyhow, here are some recent updates to the site: I finally updated this main page, deleted my old forum, put in a new forum and put in an entry in my blog after two years. Thanks so much for dropping by. Hopefully I'll see you around soon - Much Luv, Jo

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